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​SCHEDULING: We believe that communication is job one. And to ensure that your job is started, progressed and is completed in a timely fashion. We will be on-site performing a pre-start inspection to identify any obstacles which may cause unnecessary delays in your project.


JOB SAFETY: Safety is larger concern on all job-sites. We have developed our own safety program. Training is an ongoing process. This safety program is very comprehensive as it pertains to the special situations encountered in the siding installation environment. Fall protection is a priority of ours and emphasis is directed toward safety of our workers.​

QUALITY CONTROL: There are two main issues in quality control. The first is to install siding material in such a way as to protect your product warranties, this is very important. The second issue is to ensure that the product is installed in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. To this end, there is a crew leader on each crew responsible for these quality issues. Regular inspections by a qualified project superintendent are routinely conducted.

WATER-INTRUSION PROTECTION: S2 Siding & Waterproofing Company has always been conscientious in its approach to the building envelope. We have been fortunate to have been able to work with several of the "water-intrusion experts" (BEE Engineering, RDH), on condominium remediation, and new construction multi-family projects.

​MATERIAL HANDLING: With accounts at five different material suppliers as wells as several other specialty companies. Acquiring materials in a timely manner is generally not a problem. Commnication with the job-site superintendent will accomplish proper placement of our materials to avoid conflicts with other trades.


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